You can set up an appointment by calling us at (320) 631-0070. Alternatively, you can use the contact form below to send us an appointment request. We will attempt to reach you within 48 hours to confirm the details of your appointment.


When booking an appointment please provide the following information.


  • Name
  • Artist preference optional
  • Detailed idea of what you want or include a Reference photo with a brief description.
  • Budget optional
  • Size and placement
  • What days work best
  • Please be prepared to put down a deposit on all appointments made through Elliotts Tattoo. Can be done through PayPal or in person.


Providing these details makes the appointment reservation process much faster. Thank you for your support and consideration!

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    Appointment FAQ

    How much?

    All artists here at Elliotts Tattoo priced slightly different but very close. What we look at when finding the price is size, placement, reference ,and details describing what you’re looking for in your tattoo.


    How do I book?

    There is many ways you can book with us. You can call or text the shop at (320) 631-0070., fill out the contact form on this page, or simply email one of the desired artists you would like to work with.


    Does it hurt?

    Yes it does hurt. The pain is subjective to The person who is receiving the tattoo. Some may have experienced more pain than a tattoo they will have or you will have a better experience because you’ve experienced something much worse than a glorified rug burn.

    For somebody who has no tattoos we as humans expect the worst. When a tattoo is applied properly it won’t be as bad as you let it to me.


    How do walk-ins work

    Can always contact us in advance via. Phone or text (320) 631-0070. for availability. 

    For walk ins you wanna be reasonable about size. Anything that get large ideas is best to make an appointment for. Don’t hesitate to send reference to find out if it reasonable for a walk in. We do have lots of designs to choose from, or we are happy to try and make your description/idea come to life. 


    Why come to Elliotts Tattoo? 

    We have dedicated our lives to this craft like many others, Trying to create readable designs that stand the test of time. When choosing Elliotts you can be sure we are on your side when it comes to helping you get a tattoo you’ll enjoy forever. Since we dedicate ourselves to this craft we can assure you that why can exceed your expectations.